These Random Little Dreams | Link Up


I'm finally doing a link up everyone! I'm so excited about this one! As you all probably know by now, I like to dream, and I'm not afraid to say that. I believe everyone needs to have dreams that align with God's will and then also to be passionate about them. Anyway, welcome to this fun little link up! Want to participate? Here's how it's going to work!

- List any random dreams you have swirling around in your mind that people probably don't know about. They may be in the future or just something you'd think about doing for fun. What I mean is, don't say you have a dream to start a blog when people are reading your blog! However, something like turning your blog into a business would work if it's something random you'd like to do one day, realistic or not!

- They don't have to be something you're dying to work towards right now. They don't even have to be something you're sure you'll do, but they can be. The point is random dreams.

- You might be confused on that, so basically it comes down to this: what are something you've thought of that would be cool to do? What's something one day you'd like to accomplish? Tell us.

- I'm going to list three dreams I have. You can do three, or you can do thirteen. It's up to you. I would ask that you please do at least three, though.

- Last but not least, don't be afraid to share these dreams! They're yours, not somebody else's. And they have no right to judge. Also, remember to keep God at the center, even if it's not necessarily a dream that includes preaching. It could just be a job you want. Still keep Him at the center. He loves you and wants to be a part of your goals, and if it's His will, no one will get in the way of them! So pray to Him every day about your goals, and seek His guidance. I promise, when you do this, He will help you on your journey of fulfilling dreams.

I haven't really told anyone about these three dreams, so here we go!


1. Consultations

One thing I would love to do is meet up with people and do consultations. I would offer three different types: for the blogger and designer, for the writer, and for the dreamer. They're all pretty self explanatory. I would even travel to meet up with someone, but I'm not sure how that would work finances and all. The client would probably have to pay for that stuff like a bride does for a wedding photographer, but then that would get expensive, and who knows if anyone would actually wanna pay that much. I guess I'd have to be on top of literally everything, ha!

2. Editing Business

I like to be the first to make things up, but this is not the case when it comes to businesses. It stresses me out because of all the legal work and such, and if I have this brand new idea what paperwork do I need to fill out blah blah blah... But it's not happening anytime soon. Anyway, I would like to have an editing business. Not as a professional editor that works with a publisher, but like someone you go to for proof reads before sending your book off to a publisher. I would consult with you and basically be like a teacher before you actually take your work somewhere. I'm seriously thinking about doing that for a job one day, but that'll probably change. In second grade, I decided I wanted to be a pet groomer. I love dogs and all, but there's no way I'd do that now.

3. A Beautiful Life

I really like life. Sometimes I get mad over dumb things. Sometimes I worry about things that are pointless. And sometimes life itself seems like it has no point until Jesus comes, but I've learned that's not true. I want to take what I've learned in my faith and life journey and turn it into something. There's this really cool website called Society6 where you can design things, and it goes on different items like phone cases, bags, mugs, pillows, etc. I think it would be so cool to take a really picturesque photo I've taken and then put a quote over it. Despite having to get verified and stuff, this is probably the most practical dream on here and something that could actually happen. We'll see. Right now I want my attention on my blog.

So there you go! I want to see what your dreams are! Join the link up below!

✧sparkles, ashlee✧