This is Why


I'm Ashlee, and I write a blog. I'm also working on publishing a book. I dream of inspiring people and being a light for the Lord because my faith is everything to me, and I want others to experience a relationship with Christ as well. 

Why? Because...

You can't get through life with sappy quotes. You can, but it will just make life a heckuva lot harder because they're quotes from the world. The world is determined to get through life without Jesus. Some people say they have their family to lean on, and while that's great, your family will disappoint you eventually - every one of them. Some will go into their own world, and some will act like family should. Either way, we're all sinful, and you're going to be betrayed in this world. But there is one person who will never betray you, and that's God. I hope that through my relationship with God you'll work towards yours, too.

I want to show that you can be successful if you're different. You can be successful if you're not the best athlete. You can be successful if you're not a pop star. You can be successful if you're a "nerd" or "geek" etc. You can be successful if you're not considered popular, but there is a catch. You need to have God at the center of that success, or it's just worldly and means nothing. Too many times people try to do things their own way, and it doesn't work out. I want people to see God is not the enemy, He's just the opposite. Through my trials and blessings and everything in between, I want to demonstrate how God always remains faithful.


I want to be different. I don't want to be immature and worldly on social media like the majority of the generation. I don't want to do what the crowd does. I don't just want to say I have Jesus, I want to show it! And show how it benefits me because it does. 

Last but not least, I want to inspire people to do something with their life. You only get one. Leave some sparkle behind. Too many people just survive, do what's cool, or simply don't care. You should care. Yeah, this world is going downhill, and at the end of the day there won't be many people to listen, but that doesn't mean you don't try. Pursue your dreams, live for God, and always be a friend to everyone, no matter their cool status, no matter their religion. I'm not saying you have to be someone's bestie and hang out with them or just be okay with their religion if it's not yours, but you shouldn't blow people off unless they give you a reason to. At least be nice. Listen to someone if they need it. Life is that simple: just be a light to those around you. Believe me, people notice how you act.

I'm not perfect, and I'll never ever claim to be. I spend a lot of time on people who don't deserve my attention. I care about worldly things sometimes, and I'm guilty of doing things on social media that are worldly. We're all going to do dumb things, but it's whether we aspire to improve or not that matters. I just want this blog to be honest about life and God. There's no sense sugar coating things or being fake. But there's no sense being a downer, either. This is my life and my faith. Sometimes I learn things easily, and other times not so much. Either way, here's my journey of going through life with God. It's not gonna be shoved down your throat, but if you ever feel like it is, there is an exit button. 

I appreciate all of you who encourage me on my journey and in my faith. I hope I can encourage you, too.  

So what do you do, and why do you do it?

✧sparkles, ashlee✧