This Year's Life Goals and Beginning Monthly Goals


Happy 2016, everyone! I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions, because they’re such a corny thing sometimes that people never actually do. I’ve always been kind of hesitant about goals, too, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to set goals. We should always be working hard to become better people in Christ, and I don’t think it’s bad to set some goals for our dreams, too.

This year I am going to set some goals like I did last year. Oh gosh. If you read my blog back in the summer, you’d seen what a fail that was. But go on, you can still see that here.

Anyway, these goals are going to be more practical and more focused on the things I really believe God wants me to be working on. I’m also starting something brand new: monthly goals. The yearly goals will be pretty basic and can be broken down easily. That's the point. I'm going to pick a broad goal, and then gradually work on parts of it throughout the months. I'm excited to start doing these! Without further ado, here are my 2016 goals. There's kind of a lot, but I have faith that God will help me if they're His will.


Decide if sports are my thing or not.

I was in cross country in the fall, and currently I'm playing basketball. There aren't really any other sports that have my interest except for maybe gymnastics or swimming - both are out of the question and not something I want that bad anyway. The thing is, I just don't think sports are my thing, and it's not just because of the drama that goes with them. When I'm in basketball practice, I'm always thinking of writing and blogging. Those are the things I have confidence in. Those are the things I LOVE doing and return to again and again. I really like running, but I don't like competing in running. I'm not a very competitive person, to be honest, and for awhile that really made me mad, but I've learned to accept that about myself. I'm confident in who I am, but I feel no need to compete with anyone.

Yes, I know that's what sports are about, so maybe they're just not my thing. I'd rather run at home on my own terms to keep myself healthy. I somehow have to burn off all the crap I eat. Back to basketball - it's consuming my life, and I'm against that. It's sucking out all of my free time for the things I truly do have a passion for. Life is too short to do something that isn't going to get you anywhere. Sorry, but basketball is not going to get me anywhere. It's not going to get me a college scholarship, nothing like that. You could say I'm having a bad attitude, but I'm not. I know that, and I don't want one anyway. Plus, there's a lot of drama involved in basketball (see here and here), and yes, I don't want to give in to the drama and quit because of it, but if it's not worth it, then why am I doing it? There's no point.

I've loved playing basketball (and the shoes I have are pretty dang sweet), but I just think it's time to move on. I'm not necessarily announcing I'm done with it yet, we'll just see how it goes. At this rate, there's only about a 20% chance I'd do it next season.


Make Sparkles by Ashlee a brand that points to the hope of Jesus, and then grow it so that it can get me even more opportunities to be a light for God.

I want to really learn to grow my blog. I'd like to learn more about taxes, even though it's probably not time for me to start making money yet. I'd like to get more exposure. I've been really praying about this, and I just have to trust God. Sometimes I lose my patience and get so sick of my low stats, but I know God is working.


Get some of my writing out there.

I'd like to get some of my fictional writing out there. It won't be from my current book, it will just be some other short stories I have in mind. I'm thinking maybe I could have some pages on here with ways you can see excerpts of it, or maybe I'll start up my Wattpad account again. I'll probably do a survey on it later, we'll see. Would you be interest in this?


I want Uggs.

Yes, this is a yearly goal. I thought about saving it for February - my birthday month - but danggit, it's a yearly goal. Uggs are by far the prettiest thing my eyes have seen, other than this certain hockey player I like. Go here, here, or here (SIZE TEN!!!) to fulfill this yearly goal for me. Then click add to cart. Then click purchase. Then give me the box, and I'll love you forever. I'm so not kidding.

Oh. It'd be awesome if I could get all three pairs I want this year, but I won't push it...


Grow in my relationship with the Lord.

This happens every year. I only get stronger in my relationship with the Lord, and I'm praying that I continue to stay on track with Him this year. I've also started a prayer log where I pray about literally almost everything, and so I'm excited to start that. Praying is huge - never underestimate it.

The one thing I struggle with the most is friends, and I want to really work on giving that to God this year. I don't want to feel sorry for myself this year. I don't want to let it get me down. I know that will happen, it always does, and it's stupid to expect that it won't, but I really want to work on trusting God.


I want to go to a Minnesota Wild game.

I'm really stressed about it actually happening, though, because I feel like it needs to be PERFECT. I want to sit right by the boards, so that I can see the game perfectly and the players. I also want to see Zach, and with his knee injury right now, I don't know when he'll be able to play again. Zach may or may not have been that hockey player I was talking about. Fine, he is. Don't even tell me about his age or relationship status, I already know. All I'm saying is future husband requirements, and he's on my list of people I must get a picture with. THAT'S IT. Oh, and I like watching him play hockey. He's amazing at it, and he's really humble and funny, too.


I need to get better at saving money.

I want to start three different categories: to save, to spend, and to give. I suck at giving money, and the honest truth is because I DO NOT HAVE ANY. I would give if I had money, hence this getting better at saving money goal. I need to save more, too. I'd really like my own laptop. It's something I've been wanting forever. I mean, they're so cheap! I can't believe I haven't got one already! $1,000? Pssh! You can find that on the streets...! I'm actually afraid to save for one, though, because I feel like I should be saving for a car. I mean, those days will be here before we know it. Sorry, parents, but I really like it when you just pay for everything I need. Seriously, I don't take that for granted.

I'd also like some money to spend. When my friends ask me to so shopping, I'd like to actually be able to shop with them. At this rate, I'd be sitting on a bench with four 25 cent gum balls. Yes, I only have $1. Quit judging unless you're going to give me money. Those gum balls. Mhm. Juicy.


Operation redo my dang room, let's actually do this this year.

I've actually been getting excited about it. I feel motivated to do it. It will happen, but I'm honestly in no hurry *MOM*. I'd really like to paint two of my walls black. This will probably be the only time you hear me say this, but there's too much pink. I still really like my room anyway, and I'd be happy even if I couldn't, but I'd really really like to paint. My mom vowed to never paint again, so I think that's out. She also doesn't grasp the fact that I'm a good painter. Danggit, I know how to paint! All she has to do is moderate! It's not that hard! Help my case by using #AshleeKnowsHowToPaint. You could also use #AshleeNeedsUggs and #SendAshleeToAMinnesotaWildGameForFree...


Make a bucket list to survive Canada with no internet. Not only will it help me get through the week, but it will be a great resource for the entire dang generation!

I'm really looking forward to Canada, but it's only smart that I make a guide on surviving without internet. That is something my entire generation could benefit from. I ought to win the Nobel Peace Prize if I do that. Ashlee Mae, creating peace in the generation when their internet is out...


Best for last: Completely finish my book.

Over break I've been working on completely finishing the edits. I AM ALMOST DONE! I just have to make the corrections online, paste it onto a Word document, and I'm done!


Obviously, the biggest goal of all: Publish my book and use it as a light pointing to the Lord.

I think it can get published. I KNOW it can if that's God's will! I really do believe that publishing a book is something God wants me to do in my life, I just don't know if it's something He wants right now. I'm going to try, and I'm praying that if it's not, He reveals that to me. Please pray for my book, though, because it's going to really need it! Sometimes it's hard to know what God's plan is, and that's my biggest fear: trying to publish my book when that's not God's will yet. That's why I need your prayers, and if it His will, then please pray it gets published and in the hands of some great people - publishers and readers!

I know it's going to be a great year, because it's all up to me and how I view it. As long as I have God, nothing can break me! Please pray that it's a safe and healthy year for us, though, a year where God works! Sparkles to 2016!!