Updates for the Awesome Readers of This Blog


I. Have. A. Twitter. FINALLY! Follow me right now, or you can't read the rest of this post. Haha I wish. Please follow me anyway, thank ya. Twitter has been totally beneficial (kind of like I thought it would be, mm hmm), and it's resulted in some new publicity for me and possibly this blog, too.

First, haven't I told you about author Lisa Schroeder and me? I have been talking to her forever. Besides God and my family, she's seriously the person who has helped me the most in my writing career. We've been chatting since I was eight. She is the only author who I can say I've read and loved every single book. She has a new one coming out this week that I already ordered, and if you were smart you'd do it too. Well anyway, I tweeted her to let her know that I was super excited, and I honestly didn't expect her to tweet this back publicly

And then someone said this in response:

So thank you, Lisa, for your kind words because they're really appreciated! That's not the only good thing that's happened to me on Twitter. I've been participating in "Twitter parties" where the host asks questions, and you tweet back responses. They're a fun way to meet other people in your category of the internet, and I love them. So far I participated in The Nectar Collective's Nectar Chat, and I socialized with lots of new people.

So I highly recommend Twitter to anyone looking to interact with others similar to what you do.

Also, I finished editing my book! Well, I finished going through and making the edits, now I have to actually go online and correct them. I'm not totally done, but one step closer. Also, I finally finished my new blog design. I have two templates I really like, so if I ever get sick of this one I have another. Now the problem is which I like better. Did my job too well I guess. I'll be writing a new post about the design later because I want to talk about it because I really feel like it's "the one", so I want to write about it okay.

Oh, did I ever tell you about Hunter's bronchioscope? He has cystic fibrosis, and part of that is every year he has to get what they call a bronchoscope. They clean out his lungs and look at the fluid in them to basically track how the disease is. They also look at his stomach to see if there were any problems. I posted on all of my social medias, and I appreciate all the prayers. I am thankful to announce it went great. Hunter has great doctors, and we try to stay on top of things with his disease. I believe that hard work pays off and that God is looking out for him. Hunter had one of these two years ago as well, and they said it was almost like he didn't have cystic fibrosis. He's still like any other boy, and he's the definition of the pest little brother. Seriously, he just never stops. And I guess I'm thankful for that.


We had the most amazing tacos and burritos afterwards with my dad at Pancheros in Des Moines. It was so good, but my stomach didn't think so. Moving on...


Got a good shot of Adventureland! Last year we went (see here, #3).


I saw a blimp the other day walking my dog. It was cool, but I have no clue what it was for.


Just this weekend, my mom and brother and I went up for the weekend to see Gramps and Grams, and I saw my cousins Kirsten, Amanda, and Jacob. My mom wanted to go to Okoboji, and Kirsten and I tagged along. We went in the Tipsy House and Mirror Maze, and I have both on video - good times!


Kirsten wasn't kidding when she said they have the best shaved ice over here. Gosh, I'm drooling just thinking about it.


That night we watched The Longest Ride, and holy heck, Scott Eastwood. That's all I need to say. Google him, and thank Kir and me later. Otherwise, I'm back to work. Shaved ice to everyone, especially on these hot days!