What Do You Struggle With?


We all struggle with something, and you don't have to waste time being ashamed of it. Repent and really strive to do better! God can help you if you let Him! We all struggle with some of the same things, but each person has their specific weaknesses, including myself. When I'm writing stories, I try to pick a theme that I struggle with, but I also want to hear from you.

What is something you struggle with? What is something you'd like to have more confidence in? This is going to be another reader survey, and I know, you're probably sick of those. However, I wouldn't be doing them if they didn't benefit both me AND YOU. Your feedback really helps me to make things better for you and determining what my second novel should revolve around, I want to hear something you struggle with that you want more advice in. This survey will be anonymous, you don't have to give me any information except your answer to what you struggle with. There is a space if you want to tell me anything more, but otherwise that's all I need.

Thank you for your continued support to Sparkles by Ashlee!!

Which do you struggle with MOST? *