What God Showed Me Through a Worldly Movie

I think I’ve mentioned “The Fault in Our Stars” before. I can’t get over it. When I watched it in the spring, it really got to me and hasn’t left. It wasn’t my all time favorite movie, and I didn’t totally agree with everything that happened in it, but there was one thing God showed me after I watched it. There was three things God helped me learn afterwards despite it being a pretty worldly movie.


I learned how important it is to be real.

That is a huge thing the world is forgetting these days. It’s all fake on social media, cheesy romance movies are the big hype, and I’m sick of it. When I saw how this movie and the book were real about life and everything with it, I liked that. It’s something I strive to do in real life, on social media, on this blog, and definitely in my writing.

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It didn’t sugarcoat suffering.

I guess this could go with the whole getting real thing, but I really liked this aspect. Of all the things we hide and fake, it’s suffering. We don’t want anybody to know our problems because we think they’ll judge us. We have to make sure our lives look as perfect as everybody else’s, we think. And above all, we don’t want to have to deal with the problems we face, so we pretend they’re not a big deal.

But that’s so wrong. The only way to solve a math problem is to read and understand the problem, and it’s the same in the real world. Sometimes we don’t understand the math problems, so we ask for help. And that’s something our society needs to learn how to do.

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I learned that while we need to be real and address the suffering we face, there’s also hope through Jesus. Not movies like these - Jesus.

This movie did try to offer hope, I’ll give it that. But it was through a really worldly/Hollywood way, and if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t find any comfort in it. As you know from earlier blog posts where I talk about this movie, it actually really depressed me. So maybe there wasn’t hope directly through the book/movie, but I learned there is hope available for us in our lives.

And honestly, I think this movie is what really made me grasp onto that hope. It’s not that this was the first time I became a Christian or gave my worries to Jesus or understood this life is short/but there’s still hope, etc. But I just remember really grasping onto God’s purpose for me. Because this life is short, and people need to hear about Jesus. He is our hope.

Despite it being a pretty worldly movie (when I say worldly I mean, basically, the world and what the world likes; most of the time that does not involve God), but I’m thankful that He used this movie to draw me closer to Him and learn that I will never be able to find hope through movies like those but through His Son alone. March has a special meaning to me because of that. It was the month where I really got into my blogging groove, and while it’s just a movie, I haven’t forgotten about The Fault in Our Stars yet. I might not ever because of what God showed me after watching it. And I will never forget that this is where a lot of it began, my blogging and writing, over spring break with Gramps and Grams. It’s where God spoke to me through a movie. It’s where He helped me grow confident in my blog and the plan He has for me.

And by the way, I wrote about that spring break! See: Let’s Catch Up: Spring Break


I won’t ever forget how God can speak to us wherever in whatever. Thank you for listening to me rant about this movie.

Have you seen The Fault in Our Stars? Did you like it or not, and did you feel God use it in a way to show you His hope for you? When has God done that for you?