What I Really Don't Like


I'm very thankful to all the people who read yesterday's post and Dad for giving me a shout out on his Facebook. A lot of you found it to be really good, and thank you for your nice comments. Well today, I don't really have anything intelligent to say except for what you heard yesterday. So I looked at my list of writer's block ideas, and today I'm going to write about things I don't like. Woo hoo. Actually, I think this will be pretty fun. We all talk about things we love but never things we hate. So, here we go. Some things I hate, or at the very least, don't care for.

- Anything scary. I don't like horror movies, haunted houses, none of that. And I absolutely hate sci fi.

- While we're on the topic of movies, there is one movie I hate in particular: Starship Troopers. Every time my dad watches that dumb movie, I see something traumatizing that's new each time. Stupid sci fi stupid blood and guts stupid movie. I can't stand it.

- When people comment on my pictures with emojis. Literally the only ones acceptable are the faces or the hand signs, otherwise I have no clue what you are trying to tell me. Honestly, I'd just prefer words.

- Those stupid Pinterest pins that don't go through. Which is literally 80% of the time. What's the point in even pinning then?!

- I really hate when people ask me whenever I want a picture or whatever "Are you gonna blog about it?" in a mocking way. Yes I am, ya gotta problem with that. No but really, why do people think blogs are the most foreign thing ever?

- Christians who are downright snobby and exclusive to anyone else and go by all this religion. And you wonder why everyone thinks we are that way. I'm not saying to just be okay with all the wrong, but there's a fine line too. You can still socialize with people who don't believe the same thing, and some people just totally blow those people off. And it's a relationship between you and Jesus, you don't need all those rules.

- Fonts over $15. I'm not saying you didn't work hard to make them, and you do deserve payment. The only time this may be accepted is if you're paying for a collection or more than one, etc. ONE FONT for $80. I really just can't justify that.

- Unorganized sidebars. Sidebars aren't fun, I know, but please take the time to make it look nice.

- People who socialize with everyone just to be more popular. Can you not.

- $1000 MacBooks. They are actually worth the price, it's just the fact that $1000 is way out of my budget. All I want for technology is a phone and laptop and a simple Kindle for reading. But for now, I'm thankful that I get one for school.

- When I space out and say "yeah," and they asked me a question. Yes, my dog's name is Yeah.

- Or even worse, when I go deaf and ask people to repeat things five million different times. "Say what?" *talks* "What was that?" *talks* "I'm sorry I really can't hear you." *talks again* "Oh, yeah." *You have a dog named Yeah?* "I CANNOT HEAR YOU OKAY!!!"

- Spoiled little kids. I know I probably can act like that, but for the most part I try to show appreciation for all my things, but oh my goodness the generation under me is like... Has their own iPhones, 200 Instagram followers, and I'm just like... I can't.

- When people don't have a best of or popular posts page, and it's not on their sidebar. I need to see some examples of your posts before I actually determine if I want to follow you. Major turn offs here.

- When I see more than one sponsored post a week from the same blogger. That's just my opinion, and I know a lot of you are trying to make income off your blog, but I followed your blog for YOU. Because I like what YOU have to say about YOUR life and passions. I like sponsored posts every once in awhile, but no more than twice per week. But if I like you, I'll read your sponsored posts anyway.

- When people get the impression that I am spoiled or rich because of how I dress or what I do. I really do not think I am spoiled, I am blessed, and there's a difference. I try not to ask for a lot, and what I do get is either birthday/Christmas presents or rewards for babysitting or whatever. And rich? Not exactly. We are blessed, though, and I try to appreciate what I have.

- The game Goat Simulator. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

- When the seasons change. Now don't get me wrong, I love that, but I always have to go shopping for something.

- The fact that with all the walking I do doesn't change how I can run. I mean really!

- When someone says to snap them, I do, and then they don't reply, but I know they opened it.

- When people judge me because of my age. I can too write a blog and a book. You just watch me.

- Cheesy romance movies. Super popular handsome guy falls for the dorky girl who never imagined that happening, they break up, but it's all good at the end, and just go cry about it I don't like those stupid movies.

- Wordpress. I think it would be a great blogging platform with lots of design options, but why in the world do they make you download the entire platform, go to a whole other company to purchase your domain and hosting, and then install it through your company's website? Oh, and to top it off, if you don't choose one of their themes, you have to get Genesis and code it into your site all by yourself. Too many extra steps, my goodness.

- When people ask me "Oh so your book is like...?" or "You want to be an inspiration like her...?" NO! I wrote my book like MINE! My book is MINE. It's like MINE.

- No snow for Christmas. I never want to see that happen again.

- When the races are rained out. I wanted to go danggit.

- Haircuts. People are not nice to my head.

- Taking baths or showering. I still do, no worries, but I wish I didn't have to. They're just the last thing I want to do with my time.

That's what I don't like at the moment. There's still more things, but this post is long enough. What don't you like? Tell me, tell me!