What is Christmas Really About?


This day in age, it seems like nobody knows what Christmas is really about anymore. All those gift guides and red Starbucks cup pictures... I've forgotten: what is Christmas really about? I'm going to take a journey through my photos to find out.

Oh yes, I remember now. It's about going to Walmart and admiring all the pretty decorations.


Actually, it's about testing your photography skills on them and buying new lights.


Oh, heck no. It's actually about decorating your house.


What's even better than that is attending amazing Christmas concerts. That's the reason.


Or snow. Definitely snow.


Snow is a reason, so is being cold. Then you get to have reasons to take selfies and wish for Uggs and sweaters and hoodies.


Um, forget all of the above. I've found the real reason. It's DEFINITELY so that you can curl up inside and blog, drink amazing hot chocolate with marshmallows AND *most importantly* take perfect pictures of the two of them!!!


And it's also for taking beautiful winter pictures.


Wait, wait, wait. Nothing beats food. Thanksgiving and the holiday eating is the purpose.


And then taking naps and getting fat. Yep. It's definitely food.


OH, MY GOSH. Forget EVERYTHING. OBVIOUSLY it's decorating the tree!


...and taking pictures of the tree...


...or talk about them presents... *I realize ours doesn't have them yet, but wow, use your imagination* -_-


Or taking selfies with the tree. That's a must.


Or, or...maybe it's a Christian holiday where we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our amazing Savior. Sarcastic notes aside, that is what this holiday is for. Appreciating your family is awesome, too, so are them presents and selfies with the tree, but Jesus is the reason for it all. Don't put him last this holiday season, because it's easy to get caught up in the worldly side of Christmas. Other than that, I pray you all have an awesome Christmas with your family doing all of the fun things mentioned above, but remember to keep Jesus first.


And no, I don't mean putting little people up under your tree is all for keeping Jesus first (-_- <-- my not amused face), although that's another fun thing you should do.