What I've Been Up To


I typically don't like to focus strictly on my life in blog posts unless I have a purpose behind it or pictures to show you, but I really need an excuse for a blog post right now, because guess what? I am blogging. IN THE CAR! Squarespace, you've done it again. I just now downloaded their mobile blog app, and it's so clean and so simple and so perfect. But that's no surprise right? :)

Now I'm on my way to some fun places for shopping, food, fun, and even some picture taking. I've spent the week with my Gramps and Grams, and I'll still be with them until after the 4th. We've had a lot of fun!


My dad had to go up north for the races, so he decided to bring me with. We had a lot of fun traveling up, just him and me. 

We've gotten lots of ice cream from McDonalds (except for when the machine is broken - then we get to hear Gramps smart off, and it's hilarious!), and Grams and I walk everyday to Casey's to get donuts - two of them. One time I got three... But the walking helps... 

Now I'm off my phone and back from the shopping, food and fun. I WENT TO OKOBOJI AND HAD THE BEST TIME EVERRR!

First, we went to the Spencer mall because Grandma needed something for a friend, and I had money to spend. While I was shopping I got the best deals ever without even trying. Usually I suck with deals. I seriously think I spent less than $40 this whole time. While we were waiting on Grandma, Grandpa and I went to some other shops and ate Dairy Queen in the lobby. At Rue 21, I got two lip glosses for $4. I couldn't tell if that's a good deal or not, but when I'm shopping in Des Moines lip gloss is $8 per piece. I'm not kidding. I'm not even a big fan of lip gloss, but I figured why not. I could try something new.

Here is the deal: at Rue 21 I got the cutest pair of sandals for TEN BUCKS!!! Holy yes! The last thing I need is a pair of shoes - shoes that expose my feet none the less, but how could I not? Ten bucks. Ya gotta grab them when you see something like that.

In Okoboji at the Emporium, I got a beautiful pink and gold purse that was only $20, and it's leather. It's good quality, and it's BIG! I'm not ready for purses that big quite yet, but again: ya gotta grab something like that while you can.

I have another fun(er) post coming reserved just for Okoboji, so here's been this week in pictures:


✧sparkles, ashlee✧