Writers Observe


One thing I know from personally being a writer and hearing other writers say, is that writers observe. And it's true.  Bloggers do it just like authors. We observe the world around us and come up with posts. We observe the world around us and think up an entire plot. This is something I really like about being an author and blogger. I love how I'm able to observe - and really anyone can. 

Observing helps me in faith, because a lot of times it leads to deep thoughts. There's something pretty cool about being able to focus a whole plot just around a few ideas. It's why I love writing so much. When we observe, we learn about the world. Sometimes we see good, and sometimes we see ugly truths. Whatever I see, I put it all into words and ideas. 

A lot of times people observe without even thinking much of it. I've seen that it's a dark world. I've been at places in my mind where I feel like there's no hope for our society. But through feeling God and observing what He says, I know that's not true. I have a faith that will get me through anything. I've been blessed with talents that will give me a purpose in this world. And when I die, that's just a gain.


I love writing because...it helps me appreciate life. It helps me put my thoughts into perspective. It helps me grow. And when you write books, you have the chance to impact people. I get so ticked with all the crap romance novels and stuff. You have the chance to inspire someone! Why would you waste it? This is a HARD world! It's like being in a video game with different levels where some levels are easy, and some are a pain in the butt. Some people aren't strong or confident. I haven't always been as strong as I am now either, so this is your shot to blow some light into their world.

When I write, I try to write real. I don't fake things, and I don't make cliqué stories. I write real life. Real tragedies. Real faith. And that's another thing. 



Some Christian fictional authors HAVE TOTALLY FORGOT THAT. Sorry for the caps. I just get so frustrated when I read a Christian book that has something like this... By the way, this is just an example.

"I told God that...if He saved the girl's life I would know He was real... And He saved her. He must be real..."

There is two things wrong with the paragraph above, and this is exactly how to turn non believers off.


1) First of all, you should not make deals with God! If you save her... If you do this... No. 

2) That won't always happen. Sometimes the answer is flat out no, and the girl will die. That does not mean God isn't real. It's a fallen world, and evil exists. When you do that, it's basically like flipping a coin and getting lucky. Heads are the girl lives. Well lucky you, you got heads. It won't always be heads, though. I assure you. Christian authors should know better and quit writing like that. It's giving the impression to non believers that God is like a genie, and if something goes your way, He's real. That is not how God works.

God knows best for us, and that is what faith is all about. Faith is believing the unseen. I could use this whole post to talk about what having faith means and scientific things, but I'll save that for another day.


When I publish my book, and I say when because I WILL do it one way or another, I hope if you read it you can feel for the character and see her growth. She had a rough tragedy. I picked something I'd hate to happen to me and wrote like I would feel if that happened. I learned about myself with that book. I grew in my faith by writing things about having faith I didn't even knew I learned. I had so much fun writing that book, and it contains so much of my faith and even a chunk of my personal life.

I hope when you read it, you feel hope for new life. I did not end my book with a happily ever after because I refuse to do that. The character will face many more trials and doubts and what not. She might even have doubts in her faith again. But that's okay. You never learn anything from happily ever afters - just unrealistic expectations for life. So if you're looking for a quick, sappy read, sorry but I am not your author. I want to write meaningful. I want to take these thoughts with faith that I have and turn them into a powerful story that can be shared and hopefully, add a little sparkle into your life.

Why would I keep it to myself? I have a faith, but not everyone else does. Above everything, I want my writing to help others in their faith. I'm not saying all authors have to write like I do, but I'm not going to do fake. Sorry. 


There is hope in this life through Jesus. Sometimes it's not always easy to see that. Learn about Him and be close to Him, and then you will find it.

Observing is important. Through it, we learn about God, ourselves, and the life we live in. Whatever you do with your observations, I hope you do something meaningful with them. As for me? Well, you know what I'll be doing...