Writing is Powerful

I really love what I do - both writing books and my blog. I truly believe that writing is powerful. All talents that God gives us are powerful in their own way, but sometimes I think books are taken for granted, and nobody really appreciates reading or writing because of the extra work gone into it. Well, I’m going to tell you the reasons why I believe writing is so powerful.


It makes you stop and think.

I mean, movies can too, but I think writing does it in its own way. Writing opens you up to a lot of different mindsets, views, thoughts, people, personalities (not saying movies don’t), and they really allow you to get into the story. Writing goes more into depth about the thoughts than maybe what a movie can do.

like you're having pizza with somebody as they share their story :)

like you're having pizza with somebody as they share their story :)

It makes it personal.

You’re going to really get to know the characters in the book. You’ll get to know their thoughts that don’t always make it to the big screen. You’re going to really get to watch how they grow and transition. And for those reasons, it makes it that much more personal whereas you watch a movie for two hours, and then it’s done. You get to know the people and the situations in the book. By the time you’re done, it hits you hard because you like those people and care for their story.

...like Ashlee eats cheeseballs at her own pace

...like Ashlee eats cheeseballs at her own pace

Go at your own pace.

And speaking of the movies being two hours and then done, reading a book is not like that. Unless you’re a super fast reader who probably spends millions on books, like me. I’m not even kidding. I just LOVE to read, and I devour the books I buy. Ahem. Correction. The books that MOM buys. Whoops. I guess being a fast reader is not always a good thing…

But seriously, the point remains. You get to take in what you read at your own level. I think that’s pretty cool. I guess you could pause movies every time you need to think, but I think my family would probably never watch a movie with me again.

We watched Everest together. I couldn’t figure out who was who to save my life. Thankfully for them, I just kept it to myself hoping I’d figure it out. I did. At the end of the movie when they were having discussions about everything, and I was like, “Who, what, where?!”

everything you need to be a writer

everything you need to be a writer

There’s a lot of great messages that might be missed.

Some really great books don’t get made into movies. Unfortunately, that’s life. So by never reading… Let me just say you’re missing out on a lot. That can also be said about the Bible. We wouldn’t want to miss out on God’s Word now would we? There’s options for people who don’t do well reading books. I personally can’t listen to books - I’ll forget everything - but I’ve heard of some great sites that read books to you. Books can change your life. Especially the Bible.

I love being a writer, and I’m so thankful for how God uses each of our talents for His glory. He has a good plan for us. P.S. Okay, I’m finally going to be sharing news about my second book SOON! Please leave a comment or email me here with any questions you want answered about my second book! 

Do you like to write or read? Do you think writing is powerful? What is your talent?