Writing, Motivation, + More


Welcome back! Now it's time for the OFFICIAL 2nd post of this blog.

I thought I'd give you all a writing update for starters. I am working on a novel* currently, it's a little over halfway done just meeting the halfway mark. Okay. I need to get my butt in gear, but I do have a pretty good start.

*Don't ask me how many words a novel is. It's probably not a novel. I'm aiming for around 40k words, so what is the word requirement for a "novel?"

If I were honest with you, I haven't been doing a lot of typing AT ALL this summer. I have been too busy** with the following:

  • working out stuff for a website,

  • designing other stuff, like a blog my friend and I do,

  • and my mom needed a design too,

  • and then there was vacation,

  • and other stuff where I seriously was busy.

**Busy might not be the right word. It's more like I'd rather do anything than type. I did not just say that.

So... Unfortunately no news today that I got an agent. YET. Hey, it'll be the holidays celebration all over again just when I finish my book. Because, I've never done that. I start something, then delete it. But I feel confident in this storyline. I've day dreamed too much about it becoming the next big book or a movie. A girl can dream right?

Enough with my head in the clouds. I really should* type.
*Should but not gonna. That's my problem.

I need to lighten the mood here. I mean who wants to read a blog where all I talk about is how horrible I'm doing with my typing?

A few posts that I'm hoping to put on the blog this week:

-my faith: more details on why I do what I do
-my writing routine: how I plot, write, draft, & more
-having a purpose: a post where I talk about a point of view I have on something
-and also a fun summer link-up. (:

So stay tuned! The best posts of this blog are yet to come. Today I mainly just wanted to share a writing update. If you're on Facebook, please like my page here and maybe share my blog too so we can get some new attention and followers. (: Thank you soooo much for stopping by today!