Yay for August and Checking in on This Year's Goals


Wow, August already! This summer has gone by really fast, and it's been a lot of fun with its fair share of trials. Today I thought for a post I would look all the way back at my goals for 2015 and see how they're doing. I'm past the half year mark anyway, so it's about time to check in!

Get Published: no

I've been slower on the editing process than I thought. I'm making progress, but I'm off my schedule quite a bit. I wanted to be totally done with everything and have a new book started by August. Although I've learned to not be in such a hurry and just work at it a little everyday.

Get More Readers: in progress

I would like to say I have gained more readers since January, and I'm sure I have, but I mainly just have family reading this blog. Which I appreciate, but I would like new people.

Do Some Vlogs: no

And I'm not going to try to. I went through an obsession with YouTube videos and wanted to do my own, and I honestly don't know WHY. I like to write, not record myself.

Make the Basketball Team: in progress

I don't know if I was referring to the league I wanted to try out for in spring or the school team when I wrote this. I didn't make the league for the spring, and as for school, well, I don't know yet. I don't think we try out, but there is an A and B team.

Work Out More: yes/no

Does walks with my dog count? I take him for probably four different walks every day all around my yard with the occasional jog. Oh heck, this was a fail. My friend and I haven't ran together or by ourselves nearly as much as we said we would. Trying really hard not to say a negative thing about cross country here.

Eat Healthier: no

Hahaha NOPE. In one week I had enough donuts, McFlurries, and Cheetos to blow up an entire year of eating healthy. Not that I was before that or anything... And I know, that's not something I'm proud of.

Take My Hunter Safety Course: no

Oh, crap! I totally forgot about this one! In the fall, they have these hunter safety courses that are pretty much the whole day for two days in a row. I didn't want to do it in the fall because that would take up my entire weekend, and I am a girl who loves her alone time. We talked about doing it in the summer, but at this rate I'm probably going to be short one weekend of alone time danggit.

Connect with God More: yes

This summer, well the whole year but summer in particular, there have been trials. And I have learned to trust God more than ever. Having faith really means to have faith, and it can be as easy as you want it to be. I made it really hard, and I regret that. Why? Everything always works out, that's why! God has a plan.

Goals Completed: 3/8

You know what, that's kind of embarrassing. I don't know why I even wrote this post. <deletes everything>

Near the end of August I will be doing more posts like these with hopefully more successful outcomes. I have my summer blogging goals to recap and then the yearly summer in review link up to host. Oh, and I'm going to review my summer bucket list! The summer isn't over yet though - next week my parents are going to some concerts, and Gramps and Grams are coming down with my cousin Amanda. We're going to have fun. I should talk her into writing a blog, but I don't think she'll go for it. Maybe if I tell her she could review books... You know, there's such a thing as that, and they can get free copies of books before they come out for reviewing purposes! It's a total win win, I'm totally mentioning that to her.

Now if you'll excuse me, my house has been invaded by boys screaming about a tied virtual hockey game, and I gotta see this. Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!