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the journey

I started Sparkles by Ashlee in 2014. A lot has happened since then! I've grown my blog into more than just an updates blog - I would call it my ministry now! I've learned a lot about myself and grown in so many ways with my relationship with God. I'm also doing more and more to share my mission. A lot of life events have happened since then.

Here is where I will catch you up. All of my best blogging, dream fulfilling, faith filled, life recaps, and writing blog posts will be here for easy access.

My Blogging Journey //

// my very first blog (it wasn't this one!)
// becoming Sparkles by Ashlee
// switching blog platforms
// recapping my first year of blogging
// my blog goals
// how blogging changed my life
// recapping my second year of blogging

Fulfilling My Dreams //

// my first blog post
// my beliefs and mission
// how I started my mission
// why I do what I do

What God Has Taught Me //

// being a light at school
// it's a beautiful life
// He is working
// the importance of being a light
// quit wasting your life and my first church retreat
// persevering at school
// the power of Jesus
// the importance of reading the Bible
// finding hope through pain
// getting through anxiety
// the importance of morals
// getting through depression and bad mindsets

Some of My Life Highlights //

// spring break with my grandparents where I learned a lot
// going to my first Iowa Wild hockey game
// life with Willy
// Hunter's wish to swim with dolphins in Orlando, Florida
// a letter to my future husband
// spending time with my grandparents
// life with Willy part 2
// shooting my first turkey
// our trip to Canada part 1
// our trip to Canada part 2
// our trip to Canada part 3
// Thanksgiving with my grandparents where I learned about letting go
// my journey of completing middle school
// my time spent in Estherville, Iowa
// freshman year of high school and getting glasses
// the news of more than likely me having to have jaw surgery
// Estherville & Okoboji fun '18 + what I learned from it

My Writing Journey //

// working towards my writing dreams
// finishing my first book
// the journey of completing my first novel
// rewriting my first novel

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