"I Quit"


You've heard me talking about life as it is now and life when I started showing my face to the internet. Today, I'm gonna connect the dots. It'll be like Star Wars. Episodes 4, 5, and 6 were made first; and then they went back and added 1, 2, and 3. 3 connects all the dots for ya, and we're gonna do that now. 

In this post, scroll down to the question where it asks "what happened after you vanished from blogging and deleted your website?" I didn't answer that, because it would have made for too long of a post. But I've got all this white space so now's the time you get to here me spill it. 

I got into a little bit of details the other day about deleting my blog for a website. But then I deleted everything and decided to hold back. WHY?! Well for one, my website lacked professionalism and it never satisfied me. Plus, back then I would NOT have considered myself a web designer. At least not a GOOD one. I tried my website on, what, 3 different platforms? I swear I was like Goldilocks. The first platform was too limited (Yola) and required a paid membership for about half the features, and at this point I didn't want to invest money into a site. I'd heard of that one from my math teacher who had a class website, but she paid of course. Forgot to leave out THAT lovely detail.

The next platform I found through googling stuff, which is Jimbo. At the time, this was way too complicated for me, but now I would actually reconsider making a site with them. But anyways, I was working on a website, and then I was on Facebook and saw that my cousin had a new website up for her photography. It was awesome, and then when I saw HER platform I was like, I've got to try this!

So I tried Wix. I loved it! Wix is a drag and drop platform, and I've done quite a bit of sites on there. It's not very limited at all. Yes, some features you must upgrade, but really all the basic stuff is free. I was definitely satisfied. I did only about ten redesigns on there, until I realized it wasn't the platform - it was me.

Back then I was one of those people who had about ten different shades of one color, and a million different fonts. So, none of my sites looked very pretty, and I'm sure that's why they didn't look "professional." Finally, I had had it with websites. I deleted everything and it all stayed that way for maybe almost a year.

You could say I definitely missed blogging. I got into reading more blogs, and finally I created a blog with my cousin. Now I did want a website again, only I didn't want to do it myself; I wanted to hire someone. So I did, and needless to say that was a total flop. We'll just put it at the designer never did my site, like she was procrastinating with it and when it was my turn she totally skipped me and did other clients. I am like WHAT...! That went on for about at least 2-3 months until we did a claim on PayPal to get our money back.

But now this is when I started getting into designing. I practiced on my cousin and I's blog, and then a few other people's I did. Finally, I decided, I don't NEED a website right now. So I guess really the complication with the designer was a blessing in disguise because I wasn't sure what I wanted. In the meantime, however, I decided to just make a simple blog to use for updates. I never thought I'd take it big like I have now or spend so much time with it, but I'm really glad I have.

Now, without further adieu, here are the main questions you still might have after listening to all this rambling:

-Are you going to make a new website, and if so, when?

-What will you be doing in the future now with writing, blogging, and web design?

The answer to question one is yes, eventually I will make a website. I'm not sure when, it all depends on how serious the level gets with my writing. Right now, I just feel no need to make one. When I start querying, I might do a resume site or something simple like that, but not at this point. When this does happen, I promise you'll be the first to know. The answer to question two is...

>> With writing, I'm just gonna keep on typing. I'm also going to try and make an effort to look into more writing contests. With blogging, I'mma just keep doing it. I do have some fun surprises up my sleeve, like a giveaway and link up on my planner. Plus, I'm working on redoing the blog (excuse the mess :p) and redoing the pages. One of the pages is going to be a new feature to the blog, and you'll see that soon. Last but not least, I'm doing web design as a hobby, not a business. I really wanted to start a web design business up, but it's just not the right time. I have school. Homework. When I have free time, it's hard to blog and type for a little bit because all I want to do is watch a movie and relax. There is just no way I could balance a business, and I need all my focus on writing books and this blog. However, one day, I still want a web design business. Just not now.

Soo... Now you know the story, and for more details on my journey you can check out that page and read most of my life's biggest highlights in order. I'm almost done with my "into the past" posts. I have a link-up to do yet and of course, "the bad" post I've been promising.

So until then, enjoy the seasons and be blessed!