All the Goals

It's the time of year for summer goals and summer bucket lists. I made a rough draft of my goals and bucket list at school earlier this week, and then I copied them into a prettier notebook and wrote them with prettier pens. Because that's obviously a necessity and good use of your time. Enough with that; let's get into them.

Summer 2016 Goals


Find 5 Healthy Snack Recipes

I'm counting on you, Pinterest. Don't let me down. You might want to follow me in case I actually find those.

Do a Workout Every Day

I used to be really good at this except for like the last two weeks of school. I need to get back into the groove of things. A little workout really does help.

Walk Willy Every Day


Walk the Gravel Road

If you followed along last summer, you know there's this gravel road I really like to walk... And I'm going to walk it again. See the times I walked it last year here and here.

Walk Down by the Lake

I live nearby a lake, and I want to go walk around nearby it. Just because I can.

Run with Mom

She gets in shape; she helps me not be afraid of bees. Everybody wins!



Write a New Post Every Day

Even if it's not perfectly outlined. Even if I don't have an edited image for it. I just want to blog and write. I'm boycotting blogging tips and am just going to write and trust God.

Complete All of My Blog Post Ideas

There's forty some of them. If I blog every day....

Finish the Blog Pages

Check out my new homepage and about page. That's all I've got so far.

KEEP the Design

I think I will. But you never know. However, now that it's a goal, I can't back out........

Collaborate with Faith Based Bloggers

Anybody want to collaborate with me?! If so, please contact me!

Leave Heartfelt Comments on Blog Posts I Like

I recently revised my list of blogs I follow, and now I'm only following the blogs I truly love. And I want to let the bloggers know that.

When in Doubt, Pray and Keep Writing

Enough said.


Fun Stuff (The Bucket List)


It's going to be great!! I'm finally leaving the country! Remind me to recap you all on preparing for this. Preparation is always so fun. For a flashback, read about when we were preparing for Florida. I can't believe that was a year ago.

Print Phone Photos

Getting the photos is fun. Printing them is not.

Stay with Gramps and Grams for Two Weeks by Myself over the 4th of July

I had so much fun doing that last year.

Walk in Town with Willy

There's so many beautiful places we could take Willy to in town. We didn't do this last year, so I hope we can this year.

Go Shopping with Grams

I'm taking my other grandma shopping with Mom. Hopefully soon. I vote tonight.

Have Friends Over

I also have a faith project I need to finish with one of them, and I'm excited about that.

Go to Blaine and See Relatives

It's been awhile.

Go to Omaha Zoo

I really hope I can.

Go to the Movies

Maybe once or twice or twenty. I love seeing movies on the big screen.

Go to Okoboji

Oh, Okoboji. I love you. I'll be up soon. Hopefully more than once. The Tipsy House never gets old.

Mall of America

It's been awhile since I've been here too, and oh my gosh, this sounds so fun.

Go to Races

I've already been once, and that's another thing I need to recap.

Play Minecraft with Hunter

We are good, and I love that game.

Visit the Pool

The pool is oh so fun, and they have such good food.

Go to Fuzzy's Again

Oh, I have to tell you about Fuzzy's, and I will at your own risk. It may contain excessive eating and spending.

Go to the Blank Park Zoo

Two years ago, we went to the Blank Park Zoo, which you can read about here. We get invited to go for free because of Hunter's lung disease.


I would like to try this down at the nearby lake, and they have kayaks we can rent.

Swim at a Beach in Okoboji

I've been to a beach in Okoboji, but I haven't swam in one. Here's to doing that this year!

Attend a Concert

I've been to one concert (read about it here), and I would love to go to another one. I don't even know who I'd want to see, but I would like to go to a concert.

Do Sparklers

Those are fun, but I don't know if I'd be able to take any good pictures with them.

Good Pics of Fireworks

Which leads me to this. How do you get good pictures of fireworks at night when your iPhone 5c isn't good at taking pictures at night?!

Silly String

It has been awhile since I've polluted the streets with silly string!!

Bike Rides

Gramps got a new bike, and it is so pretty. I really can't wait to ride it and go on bike rides with him this summer.

Do Something Outdoorsy with Gramps and Grams

I don't know why this comes to mind, but I'd like to do something outdoorsy with Gramps and Grams. Even if that's something as simple as looking at the stars.


Faith (Back to Goals)

Finish the Bible

I've been reading the Bible in order because I think I have a touch of OCD, and that's how I like to do things. I'm in the New Testament, and hopefully I can finish the whole thing this summer. It's been amazing!

Finish the "Living So That" Study

I loved my "Living So That" study. It has literally been a year since the last chapter I reviewed. And I've only reviewed the first chapter. #Winning.

Begin a New Study over Revelation

When I was a dumb little kid, I read the book of Revelation after my mom told me how confusing it was, and I told her, "I don't know what you were talking about; it was easy as ever." Years later at my church we have been talking about Revelation, and let's just say I was a dumb little kid.

The end of the world intrigues me, though. Revelation is interesting. I want to do a study on it.

Attend Church Classes

I love my church and the people there. I want to come as much as possible.

Write a Devotional

This is something I've always wanted to do, and all I really have to do is do it like a diary with things I learn each day.



Find White Jeans

I am loving the white jean trend. I'm not a jean person at all. I'm actually that girl who loves leggings and thinks they're pants. Some argue that they're not pants because otherwise we'd call them "pants". Well you know what, jeans are pants, and we call them jeans. Plus they go on my legs and cover what needs to be covered, so yes they are pants. I will buy white jeans, though. I think it's ridiculous to spend over $50 on a pair, but I want some that are good quality. Suggestions?

Shop for Fall Clothing

There's always something you need. I need new leggings for fall and sweaters. Hopefully that will be all.

New Phone

I really love my iPhone and am really thankful for it, but I think I can upgrade this month, and if we can get a good deal I would love an iPhone 6s simply because better photo quality is so important to me.

'Boji Shopping

Okoboji has some awesome shops. I went shopping there last year and snagged some great deals. This year my mission is sandals and sunglasses. You can never have too many sandals.



Query Agents

I'm so close, guys. I just need to finalize a few things, and then I'll be good.

Finish Typing My Second Novel

When I first wrote this as a goal for the summer, I was like, I need way more than two and a half months to type a 60k+ word novel. But I really don't. We don't do a lot over the summer. Honestly, if these goals (not the bucket list) don't get done, it's not because of lack of opportunity but lack of motivation. I probably shouldn't have told you that.

Write Pieces for a Fictional Series Daily

There's this one series I want to try to type on the side because I have a ton of ideas that need to be typed, so I'd like to do that daily.

Second Novel Research

My second novel needs some research around the medical field. I actually have an opportunity to get some research, though, so hopefully I'll get what I need.


Finalize Everything

This consists of putting pictures in collages, hanging up a quote sticker thingy on my wall, and just organizing a basket I have. Otherwise, that's it!!!

Clean My Closet

But here's the catch. My closet. My closet has some really nice things in it, but it is also full of crap - stuff I DO need to get rid of. I think it actually won't be as hard as I think, though, once I get rid of the things that need to be gone.

Oh my gosh, that covers all of it I think. Be sure to slow down this summer and make time for God. He is the most important thing above any goals you might have. Let's keep each other accountable and pray over each other's goals! Tell me your goals in the comments below!